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40 days in Csíkszereda

40 days in Csíkszereda
Our REE student, Zoltán Megyesi's experince in the mentor program 2017 of Geo Institute
The reason why I applied for the mentor program was that I can get some work experiences which I will be able to use in the labour market. And I also hoped that I can use my knowledge effectively which I learned during my university years. In first place I applied for this program to join the company and help they work.
            In my personal experiences, the program was more or less research oriented. I had to choose a topic from the offers which were given by the host company. In Csíkszereda we could join to the ESPON search and to survey and to the process of creating the questionnaire related to Common Agricultural Policy. Also I had the change to find my own topic related to the profile of the company or to the region. I chose the second option, and I started collecting some data and creating data base which could help in my thesis. (My thesis is about to show the differences of the economic and social indicators between the Transylvanian cities which have Hungarian majority inhabitants compared to Romanian ones.) The company offered me lot of information and guidelines to start my topic. The work place and other employees were likeable. I was pleased to meet them. I also had the chance to compare the opportunities of the newly graduated students in Hungary to Szeklerland.
The other main advantage of the program was that I could spend about six weeks abroad. I chose Csíkszereda because I had never been in Transylvania before. It was a great experience for me to spend such a long time in different country and to take part in everyday life of a Hungarian speaking community away from the motherland. Csíkszereda had great impact on me with its pleasant small town mood with small distances and a nice historical main street. Although it is a relatively small town everyone could find services those appear in bigger cities with over 100 thousand inhabitants. The historical Szeklerland also have several opportunities to spend time for example hiking, sightseeing and do several kind of activities. There are several high mountain peaks near to the town for example Csicsói-Hargita or Egyes-kő. I had to opportunity to climb both of them. There are historical cities like Brassó and Székelyudvarhely, where I took a long walk. There are beautiful and famous lakes just like Szent-Anna, and Gyilkos-tó. I also had the chance to visit the most famous festival of the Transylvanian Hungarians, Tusványos.
            So I was able to do several kind of activities during the six week program. If I have a chance I would definitely go again.  


Békás/Bicaz Gorge


Hargitafürdő – Csicsói-Hargita
(Harghita-Bai – Harghita-Ciceului)



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